Sunday, 6 December 2009

Looking back 2009

2009, what a nice number.. but its time is almost over, and another number is gonna take its place in a few weeks! so slowly we ll start looking back what musically occured this year! Lets start from the beginning..

JANUARY 2009:::

White Lies released their deput album Το Lose My Life. Το Lose My Life debuted at number one on the UK Singles Charts became the first British act in 2009 to achieve a number one album. The album charted in eleven countries.
Animal Collective released their eighth album Merriweather Post Pavilion, named after the Columbia Maryland venue with the same name. The cover art is based on the works of Japanese psychologist Akiyoshi Kitaoka, who e specialized in visual perception and visual illusions of geometrical shape, brightness, color, in motion illusions and other visual phenomena like Gestalt completion and perceptual transparency.

Anthony and the Johnsons released their third studio album The Crying Light, which is according to Anthony about "landscape and the future". The album's cover artwork features a photograph of Kazuo Ohno, a butoh dancer, which was taked by Naoya Ikegami in 1977.
Noble Beast is Andrew Bird's fourth solo studio album. It charted at the number 1 position of the Independent US Charts.
Tonight: Franz Ferdinand is the third album by Franz Ferdinand. In the song No you girls they use a human skeleton for percussion(!) and the whole album is according to Alex Capranos influenced by Africa. Capranos also stated that is supposed to be much more of a dance album rather than rock.

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