Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Researcher's playlist of today's show

Cro Margon / Swinger Than Doubt
Malik Alston / Butterfly
Erik Satin / Follow Me To San Jose
Erik Satie / Vexations (Version 3)
The Natural Yogurt Band / Thoughts
P.E. Hewitt Jazz Ensemble / More Than Anythink
Skeletons / Mulatu
Wallias Band / Musiqawi Slit
Lloyd Miller / Gol-E Gandom
Indigo Jam Unit / Pirates
The Gaslamp Killer / Daggasse
Zombies / Time Of The Season
Serge Gainsbourg / Je N' Avais Pas
Bobby Womack / Across 110th Street
Marvin Gaye / Inner City Blues
Shuggie Otis / Aht Uh Mi Hed
Syl Johnson / Is It Because I'm Black?
Joe Pass - A Time For Us
Mulatu Astatke / Emnete
Andrew Bird / Eugene
Shin Jung Hyun & The Men / Twilight
Amanaz / Sunday Morning
Ratatat / Montanita
Caribou / Odessa
Tied & Tickled Trio / Other Voices Other Rooms
The Embassadors / Polar Sexus
Shank / Oust

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