Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Plughead - The last Dub on the Planet Step mix

This mix is the last one locked at 140bpm (or 142?). It was rehearsed at home and then mixed live as a support set for Goth-Trad's show in Thessaloniki that we (Paranoise Radio crew) organized on Saturday 24th of March 2012. 

The selections vary in style and age, from the early productions of 2003 to the newest of 2012 and sums up production aesthetics I stuck with all these years, while following the scene from a Greek island at first and from Thessaloniki later on. 

What you are about to hear is rehearse with a rough ending and maybe sometimes over-mixed. I didn't want to remix it again because it somewhat represents a certain really productive and anxious time period as it sounds, as a rough landing on the planet of low frequency and heavy gravity. Cheers

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