Thursday, 23 April 2009

past.present.future dj set

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1.erp-nerve play (frustrated funk)
2.andrea parker-invasion (touchin bass)
3.microsmiles-drugs are right (logistic)
4.plastikman-consumed (novamute)
5.soulcenter-walk with me (w.v.b enterprises)
6.mika vainio-lasi (sahko recordings) marco favali-sp power (logistic)
8.curve-falling free/aphex twin remix (japanese vinyl edition )
9.impakt-haakon (breakin records)
10.jeff mills-present age/24 hours mix (axis)
11.p.w.o.g-psoudown (kk records)
12.orbital-deeper (ffrr records)
13.tin man-acid acid (global international)
14.freddy fresh-represent (harthouse)


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