Saturday, 20 December 2008

Charlie's 60th Dance...Vol 6169

Nancy,Brigitte,Frank..μια εποχή όχι διαφορετική αλλα καταλυτική τα 60s είναι και θα είναι η πιο pop-in-pop εποχή.Ο Paranoise Radio με το Vintage Vol 6169 χορεύει μαγεύεται νοσταλγεί ξυπνάει θυμάται και ονειρεύεται με την δική του pop-mind σκοπιά....! Download it here.

...:::Vintage Vol 6169 track list:::...

01 Nancy Sinatra - The Last of the Secret Agents
02 Castaways - Liar Liar
03 Smith-Baby its you
04 Martha and The Vandellas - Dancing in the street
05 The Velvelettes -He was really saying something
06 Mary Wells - My guy
07 Nina Simone- Save Me
08 Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth
09 Johnny kid and the Pirates - Shakin all over
10 Lee Hazlewood - For One Moment
11 Bobby Goldsboro - Honey
12 Frank Sinatra - The Girl From Ipanema
13 Nancy Sinatra - Sand (ft.Lee Hazlewood)
14 Dusty Springfield - The Windmills of your Mind
15 The Rubettes - Sugar Baby Love
16 Melvina Reynolds - Little Boxes (bonus track)


marGASv said...

cd-ara o nikolhs!!! apla katevaste to k apolauste to! great job..

8a dianemh8ei kiolas akougetai prosexws, opoioi 8elete tre3te na to prolavete giati 8a ginoun anarpasta ta cd's...

A Girl Called Clementine said...

indeed iperoxo to teleytaio cd :D